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Honor Killings And The Fight of The Love Commandos

Honor Killings

Honor Over Shame In a country where arranged marriages are the norm, potential partners are vetted on the basis of complexion, caste, religion, superstition and an array of other factors. Stray from these norms and people are killed over their choice of marriage or partners. The end result is for ‘Honor’.

Superstition In India: The Weird Ones

Superstition in India

Superstition is the belief in the supernatural as the cause and explanation for the occurrence of something. That something is in contradiction to modern science, sometimes even logic. Baffling. There are three types of superstition. The first being the result of coincidence, the second cause and effect and the final

Crimes Of The Catholic Church In India

Crimes of the Church

Or as Frank Zappa would say, 'Catholic Boys'. Why are there so many jokes about Catholic Priests touching or raping young boys/kids? Well, that’s because in most cases, it’s true. And there is a conspiracy by the church to always cover any incident up. When that happens, more people are