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The US Economy and Currency Manipulation

Currency Manipulation

What is the most influential thing humanity has ever created? Some will say it’s the wheel or the computer, but let’s face it. It is the system of money. Look around you, there is money involved everywhere; every object in your house is the result of a transaction that you’ve

America’s Biggest Organisation: Discrimination


Welcome to the United States of America, the land of dreams. Welcome to the ideal of capitalism, of the “greatest nation of the world”. Welcome to a place where the color of your skin determines your job, where your ethnicity determines your opportunity, and where your “democratically elected” rulers will

LSD And The CIA: Project MKUltra


MKUltra is the codename given to the CIA’s mind control program. The objective of the project was to develop drugs and procedures to be used in torture and interrogations. This included illegal experiments on human subjects.  Their aim was to develop methods of mind control to weaken an individual to