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Bangalore Woman Throws Daughter Off The Terrace. Twice.

daughter Suicide

As horrible as it sounds, let that depressing news sink in. A mother in Bangalore threw her 9-year-old daughter from the terrace off her building on the 28th of August, 2017. Against all odds, Shreya (the daughter) survived, but not for long. Her mother came down from the terrace and picked

The Blue Whale Game

Blue Whale Game

The term ‘blue whale’ comes from the phenomenon of beached whales which is linked to suicide. Origin of the Blue Whale Game Philip Budeikin, a psychology student from Russia claims to have invented the blue whale game. Why? To play God and “cleanse society of those individuals who have no value”. The

The Sick 50-Day Blue Whale Challenge


Technology has done us wonders. And then it's also doing the worst. The 50-day blue whale challenge consisting of 50 tasks carefully designed to prime its player into ultimately committing suicide is a crime beyond comprehension. With no physical presence required and a mere virtual interface, Philip Budeikin, one of

Suicides And Depression In India

Around 1,35,000 suicides occur in India every year. Depression is a myth to a majority of the Indian population, yet 5% of India is afflicted with depression. If you’re sick, you’d go to a doctor, in the same way, if you’re mentally ill, then you visit a psychologist or psychiatrist. Statistically, we have just under 4000 psychiatrists for over 56 million Indians suffering from depression.