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Student Unions In India

Student Unions

noun \ˈyün-yən\: an organization of workers formed to protect the rights and interests of its members In the light of the recent protests in West Bengal regarding the dismantling of student unions, it is of paramount importance that we look at the history and reasons behind student unions. While the term

Bangalore Woman Throws Daughter Off The Terrace. Twice.

daughter Suicide

As horrible as it sounds, let that depressing news sink in. A mother in Bangalore threw her 9-year-old daughter from the terrace off her building on the 28th of August, 2017. Against all odds, Shreya (the daughter) survived, but not for long. Her mother came down from the terrace and picked

Ram Rahim Rape Verdict: Civil War in North India

Ram Rahim

Ram Rahim One self-proclaimed Godman, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in India has managed to cause unrest in large states in the country, overnight. Amassing large volumes of followers through his socio-spiritual organization - DSS (Dera Sacha Sauda), the man has been preaching spirituality since 1990. 27 Years since he is now

Superstition In India: The Weird Ones

Superstition in India

Superstition is the belief in the supernatural as the cause and explanation for the occurrence of something. That something is in contradiction to modern science, sometimes even logic. Baffling. There are three types of superstition. The first being the result of coincidence, the second cause and effect and the final

The Dark History Behind the Kohinoor Diamond

The kohinoor on display

The diamond’s history has a bloody backdrop. The diamond has changed ownership several times over the past 8 centuries, most of the time involving fighting and wars among men. Currently, India, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan have claimed ownership to the Kohinoor diamond.

The Influence of TV And Cinema On Feminism In India


Indian media quite obviously has a huge role to play in influencing our perception of women in society. Women may have equal representation in cinema and television, but that doesn’t translate into equal earnings, opportunities, and growth. The media needs to put in an effort to cover gender inequalities, violence against women, custodial rape, victimization by in-laws, etc.

The Dalai Lama, Self Immolation And Tibet

A Tibetan man screams as he runs engulfed in flames after self-immolating at a protest in New Delhi, India. Imagine a monk who lives by virtues of peace, karma, consciousness and so forth is so aggravated at the situation in Tibet (because of China) that the only solution he sees is to set himself on fire as a form of protest.

Chapter 2 Feminism: Societal Issue Or Trend

The Law legally recognizes women as the weaker and oppressed section of the Indian society. No, not a made up law. But how did we get here? It’s our history to blame. Social and cultural norms, beliefs and traditions that we’ve followed so far(and still) have led to the failure in understanding the concept of fundamental rights and democracy in India.

Chapter 1: Societal Values Seeped Through The Ages

To understand feminism in its entirety, we have to go way back. Starting with the history of oppression of women in India because “text without context is pretext”. This is not going to be a history course on feminism and gender studies, rather, an informative section of historical facts that every individual must read to help stay in context on the subject of feminism in India.