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HBO Hack: Hackers Demand Millions as Ransom

HBO Hack

HBO was hacked recently and some sensitive data were released by the hackers online. Game of Thrones, Ballers, etc. are just a few of the shows that were stolen. The hackers also claim to have personal phone numbers of the actors of Game of Thrones and perhaps, other actors' numbers as

HBO Hacked: Hackers Release Data Online

White Walkers

Entertainment weekly has reported that HBO was a victim of a cyber attack in a statement released by HBO. The statement also confirmed that hackers stole an unknown quantity of data, including Game of Thrones among other shows. On Sunday evening (30th July), reporters were sent an email which read, “Hi

Education in India Part 1: Lies in our History books

Our history textbooks are quite cruel. For decades, we’ve been told lies, stories extended and weaved over time to make generations believe made up versions of real, brutal events. It starts from the first ever history textbook a school going kid in India picks up, regardless of syllabus or certification.