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The US Economy and Currency Manipulation

Currency Manipulation

What is the most influential thing humanity has ever created? Some will say it’s the wheel or the computer, but let’s face it. It is the system of money. Look around you, there is money involved everywhere; every object in your house is the result of a transaction that you’ve

The Dalai Lama, Self Immolation And Tibet

A Tibetan man screams as he runs engulfed in flames after self-immolating at a protest in New Delhi, India. Imagine a monk who lives by virtues of peace, karma, consciousness and so forth is so aggravated at the situation in Tibet (because of China) that the only solution he sees is to set himself on fire as a form of protest.

Education in India Part 2: Holes in our History books

Some of the most crucial, history-defining events from our past have been de-emphasized or even completely omitted from our textbooks. These are important events that have had an influence in shaping India in the 20th and 21st century. Why are we lying?