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20 Students Found With Cuts Playing Blue Whale Game

20 students

20 students (4 girls and 16 boys) were found with cut marks in the shape of a whale on their hands, allegedly signs that they were playing the blue whale game. The class 8 and 9 students are from Kendriya Vidyalaya School No-2 Belagavi, Karnataka. The school has nearly 3000

How To Download And Play The Blue Whale Game

blue whale game

An article released on Snopes (FactCheck) states that the blue whale game is not proven (unproven) to exist yet. There doesn’t seem to be enough evidence linking to the existence of the blue whale game, let alone linking the blue whale game to a death or suicide. But several deaths

The Blue Whale Game

Blue Whale Game

The term ‘blue whale’ comes from the phenomenon of beached whales which is linked to suicide. Origin of the Blue Whale Game Philip Budeikin, a psychology student from Russia claims to have invented the blue whale game. Why? To play God and “cleanse society of those individuals who have no value”. The

The Sick 50-Day Blue Whale Challenge


Technology has done us wonders. And then it's also doing the worst. The 50-day blue whale challenge consisting of 50 tasks carefully designed to prime its player into ultimately committing suicide is a crime beyond comprehension. With no physical presence required and a mere virtual interface, Philip Budeikin, one of