Women Oppressed By Society

It is difficult to explain why people are the way they are, or why they may behave a certain way. When someone indulges in inhuman activities (usually against women), we as a society, are really good at painting an ugly picture of the defamer, which is fair. But who are these oppressors? 

Here’s why we absolutely need Feminists. Apart from trying to change the law, through law, feminist groups bring social issues and injustices to light. There’s a lot that goes on illegally, and feminists groups have helped governing bodies focus on unattended issues. Here’s what we’re dealing with.

Rape: A consistent threat

2016 to India, was the year of 34,578 reported rape cases. It pains to know, of all the rape cases that do happen in India, only about 5% of them get reported to the Police or authorities because of fear of humiliation or mistreatment. Actions are taken for even less. And if these numbers aren’t scary enough, more than 98% of rape cases reported have been committed by individuals who are acquainted or known to the victim. That means 49 out of 50 rape cases reported are committed are by an assailant known to the victim. These aren’t random statistics and can be cross-checked with the National Crime Records Bureau. Rape Capital, anyone? It’s New Delhi.

Organized Porn In Uttar Pradesh

Men particularly in UP, Haryana among other known states sell non-consensual pornography videos at local recharge shops of rapes, gang rapes, drug-induced pornography, etc. Most of these videos are of local tribal villagers, girls, and minors that reside in the State. These videos are sold for anything from 20 rupees to 200 rupees and are used for blackmailing the victim or victim’s family, or as a Whatsapp forward. Recharge shops also ply their trade in selling phone numbers of girls that may have got a recharge at that local shop. Again, phone numbers go from 10 rupees to 100, depending on the caste, skin-tone and other obnoxious criteria.

City of Widows

Vrindavan, a beautiful temple city in UP is also known as the city of widows. That’s a horrific title to have, but quite legit. Out of a population of 60,000, 1/3rd or 20,000 are widows. Women that are widowers move into the town after their husbands have passed on. If we look closely at the reasons for the unusually high number of widows in Vrindavan, we can see that inheritance law in India is distorted. Inheritance law is governed by the Succession Act (based on Personal Law) and more often than not, pre-historic customs and norms override the legitimate rights of widows. After the husband passes away, the in-laws (the husband’s relatives) usually threaten, intimidate and blackmail widows of their rightful property. These women seek asylum and refuge in Vrindavan, singing hymns and chanting the Vedas with almost little to no recourse.

Men’s Rights Groups

Men’s Rights Activist groups are a growing trend in India. Some of these groups are legit and focus on key issues men face in society, just like Feminists groups. But why am I bringing them up in this particular article? Recently, Men’s rights group ‘Hridaya’ came out to say that they want Triple Talaq to be legally extended to all communities. This has to be a joke, right? Because we have enough pigs to deal with on a criminally offensive level, we do not need so-called civilized men’s groups encouraging practices that some of us are working hard on abolishing. Either you help or you don’t. Making it worse is not an option.

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