16-Year-Old Boy Molested, Sodomized By 15 Minors

Child abuse

Sodomy, Rape and Molestation A class 9 student was molested and sodomized by a group of 15 other boys in an open ground in Mumbai. The case was reported today by the boy against 15 juveniles, most of whom were known to the victim. They were either school seniors or society

The Current Scenario of Bengali Movies

Bengali Movies

While it’s true that films tend to aim to provide an escape for mass audiences because they are relatively expensive to produce, that’s not inherent to the medium. A mass film may be defined as a film that appeals to a large section of audiences in the society comprised mostly of the lower classes, youth and women.

Thuggee: The Origin of Thugs in India

When a thug murders or robs, the act is called Thuggee or tuggee, the Hindi word for deceit. The origin of the word thug is derived from the act of thugging from an ancient fraternity of assassins. The first mention of thugs in India was in the year 1356 A.D. and have been in operation for over 600 years. Thugs are referred to a band group or fraternity of assassins.

Suicides And Depression In India

Around 1,35,000 suicides occur in India every year. Depression is a myth to a majority of the Indian population, yet 5% of India is afflicted with depression. If you’re sick, you’d go to a doctor, in the same way, if you’re mentally ill, then you visit a psychologist or psychiatrist. Statistically, we have just under 4000 psychiatrists for over 56 million Indians suffering from depression.

The Influence of TV And Cinema On Feminism In India


Indian media quite obviously has a huge role to play in influencing our perception of women in society. Women may have equal representation in cinema and television, but that doesn’t translate into equal earnings, opportunities, and growth. The media needs to put in an effort to cover gender inequalities, violence against women, custodial rape, victimization by in-laws, etc.

The Farming Crisis In India And Possible Solutions

As of 2017, we’ve already had over 17,000 farmer deaths by suicide! And no, farmers are not collectively losing their minds. They’re simply fighting an unfair war of inadequacy- the heavy burden of loans, lack of water, inadequate market rates, failure of crops and lack of Government intervention and support to name some.

The Enigma That Is North Korea

There aren’t many nations that have kept themselves recluse from the rest of the world in the 21st century, save a few like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, China and everyone’s favorite DPRK. But why does North Korea hate the United States in every way they can think of? And why do they think they live on a planet of their own, the Hermit Kingdom? In a favorable environment or being on the right side of the Korean border, the North Korean citizens may have flourished.

Five Powerful Books By Bad-ass Women!

You read, you learn, you conquer! Five powerful books by five women who have truly set an example for women of all ages, irrespective of where you are, who are you or who you want to be. These hand-picked books have strong voices, urging you to unleash your inner confidence, push harder and claim what’s yours! So curl up and get reading.

SPORTY SPICE, Who? By Adithi Hulyalkar

The only time we fleetingly think about women in sport is when, despite all their struggle, they emerge victoriously and smash patriarchy, plus whatever is left of their competition. As the median household income reduces, the participation in sports dwindles too. This coupled with backward societal norms like early marriage and childbearing weigh heavy on girls who have an intention to take up any sport.

The Dalai Lama, Self Immolation And Tibet

A Tibetan man screams as he runs engulfed in flames after self-immolating at a protest in New Delhi, India. Imagine a monk who lives by virtues of peace, karma, consciousness and so forth is so aggravated at the situation in Tibet (because of China) that the only solution he sees is to set himself on fire as a form of protest.

Element Water: Drought

Droughts impact all strata of living beings by creating drinking water shortage, causing damage to natural vegetation and various ecosystems, increased air and water pollution, and the adverse effect on the environment by increased moisture stress. Droughts also affect society making it more prone to malnutrition, poor hygiene, ill health, migration, increased stress and morbidity and an increase in social strife.

Education in India Part 3: sh*t in our Textbooks

We’ve been fed bulls**t in our textbooks on quite a few occasions. But as kids, little do we know the difference. Heck, some adults still don’t know the difference. I think some of the reasons that we have quite a few errors or misinformation in our textbooks are because of error in translation, misprint, lack of qualification, personal prejudice or just plain good ole stupidity.

Chapter 3: Women And Personal Law In India

Religions and places of worship cannot dictate the law. Who appoints the head of a religious institution or organization to frame laws, rules and restrictions that govern us based on our religious label? Personal Law is discriminatory and biased and needs to be replaced with a Uniform Civil Code. It is also important to understand that legal systems evolve over time to accommodate and represent our changed views.

Chapter 2 Feminism: Societal Issue Or Trend

The Law legally recognizes women as the weaker and oppressed section of the Indian society. No, not a made up law. But how did we get here? It’s our history to blame. Social and cultural norms, beliefs and traditions that we’ve followed so far(and still) have led to the failure in understanding the concept of fundamental rights and democracy in India.