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The Right to Privacy is a Fundamental Right. Homosexuality, Beef, Marital Rape Next?

Right To Privacy

The Right to Privacy is guaranteed to every Indian. At long last do we have some clarity on the right to privacy in India. The Supreme Court ruled that the right to Privacy or individual privacy is a fundamental right, subject to reasonable restrictions. Aadhaar Aadhaar is proposed to become

Honor Killings And The Fight of The Love Commandos

Honor Killings

Honor Over Shame In a country where arranged marriages are the norm, potential partners are vetted on the basis of complexion, caste, religion, superstition and an array of other factors. Stray from these norms and people are killed over their choice of marriage or partners. The end result is for ‘Honor’.

The Influence of TV And Cinema On Feminism In India


Indian media quite obviously has a huge role to play in influencing our perception of women in society. Women may have equal representation in cinema and television, but that doesn’t translate into equal earnings, opportunities, and growth. The media needs to put in an effort to cover gender inequalities, violence against women, custodial rape, victimization by in-laws, etc.

SPORTY SPICE, Who? By Adithi Hulyalkar

The only time we fleetingly think about women in sport is when, despite all their struggle, they emerge victoriously and smash patriarchy, plus whatever is left of their competition. As the median household income reduces, the participation in sports dwindles too. This coupled with backward societal norms like early marriage and childbearing weigh heavy on girls who have an intention to take up any sport.

Chapter 3: Women And Personal Law In India

Religions and places of worship cannot dictate the law. Who appoints the head of a religious institution or organization to frame laws, rules and restrictions that govern us based on our religious label? Personal Law is discriminatory and biased and needs to be replaced with a Uniform Civil Code. It is also important to understand that legal systems evolve over time to accommodate and represent our changed views.

Chapter 2 Feminism: Societal Issue Or Trend

The Law legally recognizes women as the weaker and oppressed section of the Indian society. No, not a made up law. But how did we get here? It’s our history to blame. Social and cultural norms, beliefs and traditions that we’ve followed so far(and still) have led to the failure in understanding the concept of fundamental rights and democracy in India.

Chapter 1: Societal Values Seeped Through The Ages

To understand feminism in its entirety, we have to go way back. Starting with the history of oppression of women in India because “text without context is pretext”. This is not going to be a history course on feminism and gender studies, rather, an informative section of historical facts that every individual must read to help stay in context on the subject of feminism in India.