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Electoral Systems And The Chronicles Of Unfavored Governments

Electoral Systems

Electoral Systems In New Zealand On 26th October, Jacinda Ardern will be sworn in as Prime Minister of New Zealand, heading a coalition government of three parties – Labour, Green, and New Zealand First. New Zealand’s House of Representatives has 120 seats, and any party requires 61 seats to form a majority

Religious Puritanism And The Doom It Spells For Indian Society


Lynching. Discrimination. Intolerance. Every day, a new story appears of a person or a group of people who were ostracized, attacked, and ridiculed for not adhering to the Hindu, casteist ideals India’s people have set for its citizens. Every day, we further demonize the diversity we once celebrated, and we

The Current Scenario of Bengali Movies

Bengali Movies

While it’s true that films tend to aim to provide an escape for mass audiences because they are relatively expensive to produce, that’s not inherent to the medium. A mass film may be defined as a film that appeals to a large section of audiences in the society comprised mostly of the lower classes, youth and women.

The Enigma That Is North Korea

There aren’t many nations that have kept themselves recluse from the rest of the world in the 21st century, save a few like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, China and everyone’s favorite DPRK. But why does North Korea hate the United States in every way they can think of? And why do they think they live on a planet of their own, the Hermit Kingdom? In a favorable environment or being on the right side of the Korean border, the North Korean citizens may have flourished.

SPORTY SPICE, Who? By Adithi Hulyalkar

The only time we fleetingly think about women in sport is when, despite all their struggle, they emerge victoriously and smash patriarchy, plus whatever is left of their competition. As the median household income reduces, the participation in sports dwindles too. This coupled with backward societal norms like early marriage and childbearing weigh heavy on girls who have an intention to take up any sport.