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Electoral Systems And The Chronicles Of Unfavored Governments

Electoral Systems

Electoral Systems In New Zealand On 26th October, Jacinda Ardern will be sworn in as Prime Minister of New Zealand, heading a coalition government of three parties – Labour, Green, and New Zealand First. New Zealand’s House of Representatives has 120 seats, and any party requires 61 seats to form a majority

Religious Puritanism And The Doom It Spells For Indian Society


Lynching. Discrimination. Intolerance. Every day, a new story appears of a person or a group of people who were ostracized, attacked, and ridiculed for not adhering to the Hindu, casteist ideals India’s people have set for its citizens. Every day, we further demonize the diversity we once celebrated, and we

ISIS Tells Mother She Just Ate Her Son


In 2015, ISIS (or ISIL) was considered the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world. The group is widely known for its online presence in the form of videos that feature torture, beheadings and other types of execution of their enemies (or even on their own soldiers). They are responsible

The Largest Mass Suicide In US History: Jonestown and the Peoples Temple [NSFW]

mass suicide

James Warren Jones, better known as Jim Jones was a religious and cult leader responsible for the mass suicides and death of 918 people in 1978, Jonestown, Guyana. More than 300 of the victims were children. Jones’ dream was to create a quasi-socialist spiritual utopia. He was a racial integrationist,

Bloodletting Was Actually A Thing


Yes, the ancient form of medicine that was believed to cure illness or disease. Bloodletting was based on the principle that blood and other bodily fluids had to be in balance to maintain proper health.  It involved the draining of blood from a sick person in the belief that the

The Right to Privacy is a Fundamental Right. Homosexuality, Beef, Marital Rape Next?

Right To Privacy

The Right to Privacy is guaranteed to every Indian. At long last do we have some clarity on the right to privacy in India. The Supreme Court ruled that the right to Privacy or individual privacy is a fundamental right, subject to reasonable restrictions. Aadhaar Aadhaar is proposed to become

Honor Killings And The Fight of The Love Commandos

Honor Killings

Honor Over Shame In a country where arranged marriages are the norm, potential partners are vetted on the basis of complexion, caste, religion, superstition and an array of other factors. Stray from these norms and people are killed over their choice of marriage or partners. The end result is for ‘Honor’.