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Bangalore Woman Throws Daughter Off The Terrace. Twice.

daughter Suicide

As horrible as it sounds, let that depressing news sink in.

A mother in Bangalore threw her 9-year-old daughter from the terrace off her building on the 28th of August, 2017. Against all odds, Shreya (the daughter) survived, but not for long. Her mother came down from the terrace and picked up the child, only to go back to the terrace with the child in her arms.

When the residents of the area asked her what was going on, she said, “Nobody had the right to ask her about the incident as she could do whatever she wanted with her daughter.” She threw her bruised and battered daughter down a second time from the terrace. This time, she went down and took her daughter home.

The residents were shocked at what they saw and noticed that the mother tried to flee after the second throw and caught her. They collectively barged into the house and found the girl bleeding to death. The residents took it upon themselves to take some immediate action and made sure the mother was separated from the daughter and tied to an electric pole. The child was then rushed to a hospital nearby and the police were alerted. The girl was declared dead by the time she reached the hospital and the doctors got to examine the victim.

The mother, Swati Sarkar, 30, is from West Bengal and was a teacher at a private school in Bangalore. She separated from her husband a year back. The husband said that “she used to lose control whenever they fought and she also used to harass Shreya,” as stated by the Police.

Whether we know these victims or not, these incidents always have a strong impact. Spreading awareness is the best we can do.

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