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Schoolgirl Commits Suicide After Teacher Harassed Her Over Menstrual Stains

Menstruation suicide

A 12-year-old schoolgirl of class VII in Tamil Nadu, India committed suicide by jumping from a 25-foot high building. The victim left a note behind claiming she was tortured by her teacher. The girl was shouted at for staining her school uniform and class bench with menstrual blood. The girl’s mother stated that the girl got her period during the teacher’s lecture. The girl had attained puberty only 2 months prior and was unprepared for the situation.  

After classmates had pointed out that the girl’s dress was stained, she had asked the teacher to be excused. Instead, the teacher started scolding the kid in class before taking her to the Principal’s office. Her ordeal continued when the Principal mocked and disciplined the girl for not knowing how to handle herself during her menstrual cycle.

In the suicide note, the girl said: “Did I ever get reported when I was in Class VI? Then why is my Class VII teacher complaining about me? What mistake have I done that they’re torturing me like this? I don’t have any option. I must die.”

Protests were staged in front of the school. The Police have registered a case of abetment to suicide under Section 306 of the Indian Penal Code. The teacher claims that the student committed suicide because of bad grades.

70 Girls Stripped By Warden

As bizarre as it sounds, these incidents are not in isolation. In  Muzaffarnagar on March 2017, a warden stripped 70 girls to check if they were menstruating. The warden found blood stains on the toilet seat and was so outraged that she stripped 70 girls to check if they were menstruating in the hostel.

Surekha Tomar, the warden locked the girls up in a classroom for hours together without their clothes. The girls are aged between 8 to 12-years.When a few of the younger girls cried or tried to resist the strip, the warden threatened to beat all of them up. The warden is suspended until further investigation. Several parents have withdrawn their kids from the school also alleging that their daughters were assaulted in this ordeal.

According to IndiaSpend, around 23% of girls list menstruation as the reason for dropping out of school in India. According to Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), a study in 2016 shows that 80% of women in India aren’t allowed inside religious shrines when on her period, 60% are asked not to touch food in the kitchen and 30% are asked to sleep in a separate room. Do read 15-Year-Old Girl’s Hand Chopped Off By Stalker In Public: Stalking In India.


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