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Ram Rahim Singh: Crimes From Rape To Forced Castrations

Ram Rahim

Ram Rahim Singh, better known as Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is the head of the social group Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS). In 2015, he was in the top 100 list of India’s most powerful people. He has also directed several flop movies and music albums which usually portray some sort of propaganda from his teachings.

This is not an unusual case. Several accusations and convictions have been levied against supposed ‘godmen’ for rape, molestation or even murder. Sadhus interact with a lot of women and the way they operate is completely illegal. Nithyananda told his victims that they were engaging in a relationship a lover has with a God before raping them. Survivors of child abuse accused Sathya Sai Baba of inducing oral sex by referring to it as a “good luck chance”. He also used to rub oil on the genitals of little kids, but people were scared to speak out against him. The BBC covered this in a 2004 documentary ‘The Secret Swami’ (Watch on Youtube).

Crimes of Ram Rahim

Ram Rahim has been accused of several crimes. Only recently was he convicted for the rape cases committed in 2002. Here is a list of crimes accused against him and the current verdict:

1. Rape

Verdict: Guilty

In 2002, a woman complained that she had been raped by the godman and had seen several other women exploited at the Sauda. In 2017, the CBI Court found Ram Rahim guilty of two counts of rape. His sentence was 10 years for each count, so a total of 20-years in prison. After his sentence was read out, he cried in Court to show his remorse. He has been accused of raping and molesting several women over the past three decades. His MO is similar to how child predators groom their victims.

2. Murder

Verdict: On-going

The girl stated above who was raped and received justice only 15 years later also had to suffer the death of her brother(shot) at the hands of the Dera’s followers.The A journalist named Ram Chander Chhatrapati was shot in 2002. At the time he was uncovering and publishing activities that were happening within the Dera. In 1991, Fakir Chand, the manager of the Dera went missing and the main accused being Ram Rahim. The case is still on-going. Recently, it was also claimed that several victims were killed,  burned and disposed within the Dera (hundreds). The investigation relating to mass graves and deaths is yet to begin.

3. Forced Castrations

Verdict: On-going

Hans Raj Chauhan, an ex-follower has alleged that he along with 400 other followers were castrated at the Dera on the instruction of Ram Rahim Singh. According to Ram Rahim, castration makes a person closer to God, but according to the CBI, this was done to keep the sadhvi’s (women followers) safe from sexual advances. Some of the brainwashed victims have claimed that the castration was done with their consent.

4. Relationship

Verdict: Case Dropped

Ram Rahim adopted a certain Honeypreet Kaur as his daughter. He’s 50 and she’s 37. Honeypreet was married in 1999 to Vishva Gupta, another follower and the couple divorced in 2009. Vishva appealed to the High Court of Gujarat that his wife and Ram Rahim (father and adopted daughter) were sexually intimate. After a few years, Vishva publically apologized (out of fear?) to the Dera chief for the accusations. Honeypreet Kaur is all set to lead the organization. Honeypreet is next in line to become the head of the DSS.

5. Riots

Verdict: Guilty

The Court’s decision on finding Ram Rahim guilty led to several of his protestors rioting on Friday, the 25th of August, 2017. 36 members from the DSS group were killed and over 150 have been reported injured during police confrontation during the riots. Several Government buildings, offices, railway stations, etc. were burned down. The Government is denying the families of the victims any compensation because the rioters gathered illegally, to protest against the Law.

6. Politics

Verdict: No Case

Ram Rahim’s Sauda is one of the only Sauda that openly asks its supporters to vote for political parties. Until 2012, it was Congress and after that, the Sauda has been supporting the BJP. This is because this guy has over 5 million followers and I’m not talking about Instagram. Real-life devotees that move to every whim this guy makes, including giving up their lives and testicles, apparently.

7. Land Encroachment

Verdict: On-going

Buildings have been built on the encroached land by Ram Rahim. Within these premises are stockpiles of weapons, enough to take on law enforcement if need be. His lands and properties are being taken by the State to compensate for the damages done during the riots. 


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