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ISIS Tells Mother She Just Ate Her Son


In 2015, ISIS (or ISIL) was considered the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world. The group is widely known for its online presence in the form of videos that feature torture, beheadings and other types of execution of their enemies (or even on their own soldiers). They are responsible for the destruction of cultural heritage sites, aside from what is increasingly coming to light as ethnic cleansing. The jihadist militant group was considered ‘too hardcore for Al Qaeda’ and the latter distanced themselves from ISIS in 2014. Today, ISIS is almost completely dismantled.

On June 2017, the Daily Mail reported that a Yazdi sex slave was starved for three days and was then fed her one-year-old child with rice. Vian Dakhil, the Iraqi MP claimed that the mother unwittingly ate her own baby son. Since she was locked in a cellar without food and water, she was really hungry. After she ate the rice and meat she was told: “We cooked your one-year-old son that we took from you, and this is what you just ate.” At the same time, a ten-year-old was raped to death in front of her father and 6 sisters as reported by the MP.

In another case in 2015, Yasir Abdulla, a dad from West Yorkshire went to Iraq to fight ISIS. The group came within miles of his home village in Kurdistan and he joined the Kurdish forces trying to stop the spread of ISIS. Several people he knew were beheaded, burned alive, buried alive, pushed off buildings, etc. He told the Sun how an elderly Kurdish woman came looking for her son who was kidnapped by ISIS and taken to Mosul. She came to plead with the jihadists to secure her son’s release.

The ISIS men told her to have some tea and food since she traveled a long way and then they would meet her son. She was brought a cup of tea, some rice and cooked meat in soup. She thought the guys were nice. After she finished her meal, she asked to see her son again to which they laughed and said, “you’ve just eaten him.” They had killed him, chopped him up and fed him to his own mother.

Yasir added: “IS are very good at making people scared. If they make one person scared then that person will make another person scared and soon everyone is scared of IS.” In 2017, over 76 mass graves were found in ISIS liberated areas of Iraq and Syria which contained over 15,000 (estimated) bodies.

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