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Engineer Pushed Out Of A Moving Train By Railway Officials For Filming Extortion


A 22-year-old engineer was allegedly pushed off a moving train by RPF officials. As per reports from TOI and, on 24th August 2017, Rahul Singh was thrown off a moving train (Chambal Express) going from Delhi to Bihar. Rahul was found on the tracks in Jhansi with several injuries on the same day. He was declared brought dead at the hospital he was taken to.

A FIR (First Information Report) filed at Jhansi Railway Station stated that an 8 member RPF squad got on the train and started extorting money from illegal vendors and passengers on the train. The 8-member team also included three women constables. The RPF is the Railway Protection Force, a security force appointed to protect railway passengers, passenger area and railway property in India. The force comes under the Ministry of Railway, India and one needs to write their Civil Services (UPSC) exam to qualify as an RPF official.

Rahul Singh, the victim, started recording the incident on his mobile phone, which apparently offended the officials. According to eyewitness Kuldeep Sharma, an advocate at Allahabad High Court, the constables then beat Rahul up (thrashed him). When he or other passengers objected, the RPF officials threatened them as well. After Rahul Singh was brutally beaten, he was forced to lick the spit of the officials off the floor. The FIR goes on to state that the officials snatched Rahul’s gold chain, bracelet and mobile before throwing him out of the moving train. The Government Railway Police (GRP) however, recovered INR 4,700 ($73) from his pocket.

Initially, the witness of the incident Kuldeep Sharma tried to launch a FIR at Mahoba GRP but was denied. The officials tried to spin the cause of death by stating that ‘Rahul Singh did not have a train ticket and thus, committed suicide.’ Only after Kuldeep Sharma tweeted the entire incident to Suresh Prabhu (Minister of Commerce and Industry) was a FIR launched against the unidentified RPF squad.

A whistle blower was killed because he stood up to corruption. The media is hardly covering this story, if at all. Rahul’s wife is 4 months pregnant and his family still waits for justice. 

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