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Canada’s Pedophile Hunters: Age of Consent

Justin Payne

His dad was a drug dealer and he came from a poor family. He had to pretty much wear the same clothes to school every day. Justin Payne is your regular guy, a bricklayer by trade, but catching pedophiles is his destiny. Justin felt like killing himself on few occasions, once nearly succeeding in hanging himself.

One particular incident could be described as Justin’s driving force. When he was a kid, his mom’s friend touched him inappropriately and kissed him during a party at Justin’s residence. They ended up having sex and he woke up next to her in the morning. She was 40 and he was 13. 

Modus Operandi

Justin Payne
Justin Payne on the right confronting a pedophile

Justin is not part of the Creep Catchers. Creep Catchers are non-affiliated groups of individuals that pose as minors on chat groups or dating sites to publicly expose pedophiles. These guys film suspected pedophiles and publicly shame them across social media. Justin Payne started hunting pedophiles in 2014 in Ontario, Canada. Since then, several creep catcher groups have sprung up in different cities across North America. The Modus Operandi is the same.

So Justin gets in touch with suspected pedophiles, texts and talks to them. He acts like an 11-13-year-old kid, sometimes younger or older. Some pedophiles groom the supposed child, while others contemplate on sending dick pictures. Then Justin arranges to meet with the pervert and more often than not, the pervert shows up with sexual intent. The pedophile is then confronted with two options, explain or run. This confrontation is then uploaded on Facebook and sometimes picked up by the news.


According to a leading professor in pedophilia, Dr. James Cantor, child molestation and pedophilia are different. Child molestation involves touching a child inappropriately. Whereas a person can be attracted to children (pedophile) without breaking any law in their lifetime. The professor also stated that he is yet to see vigilantism solve any problem yet in society. The police can’t associate themselves with a vigilante. It does make the police’s job difficult trying to get a conviction.  

Other criticisms of the Creep Catchers include interfering with ongoing police investigations. One such incident took place in Alberta, which led to the man escaping surveillance. The pedophile then went on to molesting a baby and toddler before getting arrested in Manitoba. Some of the creep catchers have criminal records and underreport revenue generation as documented by CTV’s W5.

Feel Safe Yet?

Several crimes have been exposed thanks to Justin Payne, who vows to do this for a lifetime. He will stop at nothing to make the internet a safe space for children. He has exposed several pedophiles and criminals that are sexually active, putting his life at risk. You, as a parent or individual would feel safer with a guy like Justin making the streets safe for our kids by exposing such people. What if the pedophile came to meet your 10-year-old?

You can watch the video of Canada’s Original Vigilante Pedophile Hunter by Vice. Do read the crimes of the Catholic Church in India in keeping with child molestation.


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