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How To Download And Play The Blue Whale Game

blue whale game

An article released on Snopes (FactCheck) states that the blue whale game is not proven (unproven) to exist yet. There doesn’t seem to be enough evidence linking to the existence of the blue whale game, let alone linking the blue whale game to a death or suicide. But several deaths in 2017 spanning across Asia, Europe, the USA, etc. have set the tone for sadistic criminals to exploit young kids. Over 150 deaths have been linked to the blue whale game, most of which occurred in Russia followed by India.

How To Download Blue Whale Game

When you try Googling Blue Whale Game link or download blue whale, you don’t get a game. There is no such game available to download and start playing. The game consists of administrators or handlers that seek out victims on social media. So to play the game, you need to get in touch with a handler that will give a player tasks.

The handlers do the research and outreaching bit. Once a victim is targeted, the victim is sent a link on Facebook, QQ or any social networking platform. Once the link is opened, the administrators gain complete access to the victim’s data. Then such data is used to blackmail or manipulate the victim. And now the victim is stuck playing the game out of fear.

Tip: Don’t open links that look shady unless you want to risk getting hacked.  

How To Play Blue Whale

The real blue game consists of 50 tasks, one done each day for 50 days. These tasks range from inflicting cuts, watching scary videos, climbing to the top of buildings and so on. The handlers are in communication with the victims throughout the 50-day period. Once a task is completed each day, a picture or video is sent to the administrator confirming the task’s completion. You can view the entire list of 50 tasks of the blue whale here. (For educational purposes only)

End Game

After the first 49 tasks of blue whale are completed, the final task on day 50 is committing suicide. That is the end game. The victim is the blue whale that commits suicide and has been prepped for almost 2 months for this stage. All information is wiped or deleted from the hacked device. The virtual game leaves no traces and thus, is very difficult to prove that a suicide took place because of the blue whale game. Depressed kids and teens end up being the victims. These are the same people that search online for painless deaths and suicide methods on forums.

The Name Blue Whale

The name blue whale comes from blue whales committing suicide. These whales commit suicide by beaching themselves, i.e. getting stranded on the shore. Why? There are several explanations for whales beaching themselves, yet none are universally accepted. The most logical explanation is social organization and habitat. Whales that live in tightly knit groups are most susceptible and this includes oceanic dolphin, sperm whale, killer whale, pilot whale or navigation errors.

Another theory is that when a whale gets beached, it’s distress call prompts the other whales in the group to beach themselves. This can be attributed to the social structure whales share.  Other environmental factors for whales beaching themselves include rough weather, infection, old age, hunting too close to the shore, etc. The largest stranding ever recorded was in 1918, where around 1000 pilot whales were stranded on Chatham Island (Near New Zealand). Some of these whale carcasses are disposed of by blowing them up in the ocean.

The Creator of Blue Whale Game

Philip Budeikin, the creator of blue whale game was recently sentenced to 3 years in jail in Russia. He instigated several young people to play blue whale and commit suicide, has been convicted of instigating 16 teen girl to commit suicide in Russia. Some people would say this is Darwinism at its best. Survival of the fittest and elimination of the weakest. The creator and his followers (administrators) believe that they are ‘cleansing society’.

For more information on the Blue Whale game, do read The Origin of Blue Whale.


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