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The Tiger: A Silver Lining and Tiger Temple

Rise in Tiger numbers

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), conservation efforts by India, Nepal, Bhutan, Russia, etc. have seen tiger populations rise from 3,200 in 2010 to 3,890 in 2016 for the first time in over a century. If all goes to plan, the Countries hope to double tiger populations by 2022. Tigers are still endangered as covered in Part 1 of this series, but there is a silver lining.

Several projects have contributed towards the increase in tiger numbers in the wild. Some of the efforts are rewilding of captive bred tigers, reintroduction tigers into the wild, the Siberian Tiger Re-population Project, Save China’s Tigers, Project Tiger, tiger reserves, national parks, etc. have all contributed to the stabilization of the tiger population. But, are we too late?

Tiger Numbers (2016)

Tiger Populations in 2016

Basically, to increase our tiger population, we need our Tigers to keep on mating as well.

Selfies At Tiger Temple

Tiger Temple
Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand, 24 April 2015.

The tiger temple is a Buddhist forest temple founded in 1994 as a sanctuary for wild animals, including tigers. Selfies with the tigers were popular among tourists, albeit the tiger was heavily sedated. A selfie with a tiger is the cause for an entire lifetime of suffering for the Tiger. The Australian organization Cee4Life released 9 years of investigative reports in 2016 covering the disappearance of tigers, body part sales and exports, for profit breeding and several other violations at the tiger temple. Sharon Guynup has also concluded the same after an independent investigation conducted by National Geographic.

Crimes of Tiger Temple

As of 2016, over 150 tigers were living in the Tiger temple. The facility was closed in the same year and the frozen bodies of 40 cubs and several other exotic animal body parts were recovered from the temple premises. Another 30 frozen cubs were recovered in a search the next month. The secretary of the abbot was caught when he tried evading with thousand amulets containing tiger skin, tiger fangs, etc.

Here is a link to Google showing the people that took pictures with tigers in Tiger temple, cause why not, right?


One thought on “The Tiger: A Silver Lining and Tiger Temple

  1. India’s national animal the carnivorous big cat serves to protect other vulnerable species as well. In the name of protecting the majestic big cats, the country has managed to hold onto wildlife habitats that would otherwise be lost to human intrusions in an extremely land-scarce country. India was obviously doing something right to give the tiger a secure home to live, hunt and breed. PR
    Prerna Singh Bindra of The Hindu says there is, deservedly, a tremendous pride in this achievement. More so that a country like India with its 1.3 billion people, grinding poverty, yet galloping economic growth and its consequent pressures, harbours the maximum — nearly 70 per cent — of the world’s remaining wild tigers.

    Tiger Deaths in India 2017: NTCA

    76 tiger deaths

    Natural causes : 62

    Body parts seized: 14

    (Source: NTCA)

    Tiger Deaths in India 2017: WPSI

    Total: 73

    Poaching and seizures: 22

    Found dead: 19

    Killed in road or rail accidents: 1

    Died during rescue or treatment: 7

    Infighting: 20

    Fight with other animals: 4

    (Source: Wildlife Protection Society of India)

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