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15-Year-Old Girl’s Hand Chopped Off By Stalker In Public: Stalking In India

Stalking In India

Stalking in India is faced by all women, old or young, foreign or Indian. Now to add to the list of dangers posed by stalkers to women (acid-attacks being one of these sick atrocities), there is now the threat of mutilation in public.

Uttar Pradesh is a State famous for the subjugation of women’s rights and the encouragement of female infanticide, dowry, sati, honor killings, etc. On the 23rd of August 2017, a 15-year-old girl was stabbed with a sword multiple times by Vinod Chaurasia (stalker) until the victim’s arm was cut off. “He was cutting her other hand while the other hand fell off even as people tried to overpower him and rescue the girl from inevitable death”, a local said.

The accused was following the girl and making unsolicited advances for a couple of days prior to the incident. On the day of the attack, the stalker approached the girl and she rejected his advances, just as she had been doing. Angered by this, the stalker grabbed a sword from a nearby shop and started attacking the victim. The girl is in critical condition in hospital.

Stalking In India

This is just one of the many cases that have come to light. Other cases this month include reports of a schoolgirl being stabbed to death by a group of stalkers in UP after refusing their advances. Another girl, a 21-year-old air hostess, was stabbed in Delhi, in full public view by her stalker. She lay bleeding for 30 minutes before she was taken to a hospital about a couple of kilometers away.

As per the Indian Penal Code, stalking is a bailable offense. Imagine, a person reports a stalker, the stalker goes to jail and gets out right after that. He then either threatens the victim to withdraw her complaint or worse, makes her disappear, circumstantially of course.

Bollywood’s Contribution

Stalking is a horrible and disgusting behavior reinforced by Bollywood and society’s lax views with respect to women. So many cases of women being stalked, harassed and followed have been reported. Most of the time, women don’t register a formal complaint because the cops hardly take any action. And if they do, the woman or her family will be at the receiving end of threats and violence for making such a complaint. When these threats are acted upon, as a society, we are taking several steps back. Stop stalking India.

In 2015, an Indian man in Australia stalked two women. His reason stated in Court was that’s how Bollywood taught him to approach women. The Court in Tasmania dismissed the case taking this and his background into consideration. Good job guys.


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