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Ram Rahim Rape Verdict: Civil War in North India

Ram Rahim

Ram Rahim

One self-proclaimed Godman, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in India has managed to cause unrest in large states in the country, overnight. Amassing large volumes of followers through his socio-spiritual organization – DSS (Dera Sacha Sauda), the man has been preaching spirituality since 1990. 27 Years since he is now convicted of rape and tens of thousands of his followers who we now call goons have held most of Punjab and Haryana hostage.

The Verdict

On 25th Aug 2017, the Supreme Court found Ram Rahim guilty of rape committed in 2002. The allegations date back to 2002 when a Dera Sadhvi (follower) anonymously submitted a written complaint against Ram Rahim accusing him of rape, molestation and other counts of crime against several women. The letter and further investigation have also exposed the fact that multiple women have been victims of Ram and his follower’s activities in the name of ‘purification’.

This letter was then distributed and exposed by a journalist, Ram Chander Chhatrapati who is said to have been murdered by Ram’s followers in 2002. Ram Rahim is also under investigation for this murder case.

Effects of the Verdict

As of 5:00 PM 25th Aug 2017 the following has been the aftermath of the ruling against Ram Rahim in the recent rape case.

Three States, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab have been held hostage by rioters and civil war has broken out. The rioters have been attacking news vehicles and journalists, particularly media personnel who they blame for the verdict. Government offices and buildings including the income tax office, three railway stations, power stations, the telephone exchange have been vandalized and burnt.

The police and the army have been deployed and are firing rubber bullets. Over 250 independent accounts of violence, arson and vandalism have been noted. The state border between UP and Haryana has been raised. Six and more columns of army personnel have been discharged to affected locations.

The media have been driven out of these locations, though the public has been contributing to visuals that news channels are now using.

What Next?

Though preparations were made to be defensively ready for riots post the verdict, the negligence of the Government and police force is being brought to light by media houses. Several news channels are rightfully demanding that Chief Minister Khattar step down.

Section 144 of the Indian Penal Code has been implemented, which is the unlawful assembly of people armed with deadly weapons. The president’s rule has to be implemented. The State Governments of Punjab and Haryana and police is confirmed to be purposefully neglecting the need to take action.



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