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HBO Hacked: Hackers Release Data Online

White Walkers

Entertainment weekly has reported that HBO was a victim of a cyber attack in a statement released by HBO. The statement also confirmed that hackers stole an unknown quantity of data, including Game of Thrones among other shows.

On Sunday evening (30th July), reporters were sent an email which read, “Hi to all mankind. The greatest leak of cyberspace era is happening. What’s its name? Oh, I forget to tell. It’s HBO and Game of Thrones……!!!!!!” The hackers also stated that they successfully hacked and penetrated HBO’s systems on their website With the tagline HBO is falling, the files are available on this site.

Hackers claimed to have stolen about 1.5 Tb of data and proprietary information from HBO. So far, the hackers have released the upcoming episode of Ballers and Room 104 and written material from Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 4. Several spoilers from the next episode of GOT are making the rounds on social media, none included here.

Other Hacks

The last time HBO faced such a cyber breach was in 2015. The hackers released the first 4 episodes of Season 5 all at once. Sony was hacked in 2014, allegedly by North Korea after the release of The Interview. Netflix was hacked in 2017.

Season 7 Promo

Hotstar is promoting Game of Thrones by taking a dig at Torrentz. The campaign: Streaming is better than pirated downloading. If the episodes are available on torrent, I don’t think most of the population would wait for the actual release date to watch them.


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