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Crimes Of The Catholic Church In India

Crimes of the Church

Or as Frank Zappa would say, ‘Catholic Boys’. Why are there so many jokes about Catholic Priests touching or raping young boys/kids? Well, that’s because in most cases, it’s true. And there is a conspiracy by the church to always cover any incident up. When that happens, more people are likely to commit a crime without any fear of consequence, let alone fear of God. The Boston Globe uncovered several cases of Sexual abuse by the Catholic Church in 2002, which was made into a film, Spotlight.  

The Catholic Church And Sexual Abuse

People are scared of criticism and public judgment in India. Sexual abuse is hardly ever spoken of, let alone officially reported irrespective of being in Church or otherwise. In the few cases that sexual abuse is reported, the Church tries to cover it up. When complaints do come forth, the church transfers the priest to another church, where he continues molesting, raping and touching children. Shouldn’t we have rules and laws to govern how women and children are treated in churches, similar to workplace behavior rules and internal complaints committees for employees by companies?

Funny how men in the name of God and religion create the most destruction.

Pope Francis, the current Pope stated in 2017, the church has a zero tolerance stance toward sexual crimes. Ironically, more cases of sexual crimes against the church are being reported today in India and around the world than before.  The President of the Conference of Diocesan Priests of India, Philemon Doss made a statement in April 2017. “In India, it is not very rampant, maybe in foreign countries. He is referring to child sex abuse not being rampant in India as it is in foreign countries. Denial or ignorance.


A Priest chasing children

Several cases of sexual abuse happen every day and children don’t understand that something wrong is happening. Something that is going to scar them for the rest of their lives. At times, parents try to cover it up, saying “it’s not possible” or “must be a mistake.” Social stigma eh.

  1. Father Mathew Vadakkanchery was arrested in 2017 for sexually abusing a minor 15-year-old girl in Kerala. The minor girl had given birth from the rape. The Catholic church tried justifying its position by blaming consumerism and bodily temptations. The Church Father also tried bribing the family with INR 10 Lakh for the biological father to own up to the crime, which failed miserably.
  2. Father Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul was accused and convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl for over a year in 2015, in Minnesota. His punishment was imprisonment for a year, which was reduced further. He returned to India and was inducted into the parish church with little to no regard for women and children’s rights.
  3. Vicar Raju Kokkan was convicted of raping a 9-year-old girl in 2014, Kerala. According to official reports, the vicar had raped the girl multiple times on different occasions. After he was arrested, officials say he had been removed from the church.
  4. Father Edwin Figarez was accused and convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl earlier in 2017. At least, in this case, justice is served as the guilty father is serving a double life sentence.

The police don’t take these cases seriously and often joke about it, especially when cases are reported by women and/or children. Our politicians blame the way our women dress and probably our children too. Our social class judges us because of our upbringing. Why not point a finger at the damn culprit and lift the veil of religious protection. A criminal is a criminal.


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