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Immigrant Success Stories: Ana Delia De Iturrondo


Ana Delia’s fitness journey has inspired women across the globe. She is born Puerto Rican and had a very athletic childhood, often dreaming of representing her country. Known as a fitness model and trainer, Ana has overcome tough hurdles and has come a long way to be a celebrated icon in the fitness world. Her father’s life was lost to cancer while she was very young, and soon after, she lost her brother in a road accident. It’s been a tough road. But years and countless workouts later, today, Ana Delia has half a million followers on Twitter, Instagram, and her viral fitness videos on youtube are changing lives every day.

Ana Delia’s Career

Making her country proud

Gymnastics, athletics, ballet lessons, swimming, skating, you name it and growing up, Ana was already doing it. The dream to represent her country in the nationals was growing stronger, she was already playing for regionals in skating, and her sheer dedication totally paid off when she was selected to represent the country of Puerto Rico in the National Skating Team. She took part in Columbia on behalf of her country and got her taste of being a professional athlete, her dream had finally come true. At this point is when setbacks in her personal life started hitting her hard, but Ana pulled through, working harder and moving on stronger.

Miami Calling

Leaving the messes of her personal life aside, Ana decided it was time to give modeling a true shot. Getting her portfolio ready, she applied relentlessly to countless agencies. The lean figure she had thanks to her background as a sports person did wonders. It wasn’t long before a top modeling agency in Florida decided to give her a shot. Excitedly, Ana energetically packed her stuff and set off for America. Sadly, her brother’s untimely accident and death brought her back to Puerto Rico just two weeks after leaving, putting a big pause sign in her career.

Third Time’s the Charm

With the support of friends and family, Ana Delia was back on her feet. She met numerous inspirational people in America, body builders and athletes who encouraged her to never give up on her dreams. Summoning up all the determination she could and with immense support, Ana came 2nd in NPC New York Metropolitan tournament as a bikini athlete. From 2011, for the next two years, Ana went on to take part in 14 such tournaments. She bagged wins in six of those and was second in three. The end of 2013 saw a glorious event as Ana, aged 33 at the time was awarded the IFBB pro card. A true moment of pride.

Personal Life

Ana Delia

As you know now, Ana was a true Puerto Rican at heart and brought up in the city of Morovis. She now lives with her husband who happens to be a photographer, Daniel Figueroa Guilliani in America. As a child, Ana always loved being involved in some sort of physical activity, diving into many fields of sport and training at a young age. But Ana Delia never had it easy in her personal life. Though the mental strength has helped her grow into the icon she is today, her struggles have put her through the toughest of times. As a child, she was part of a broken home. Her father was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and temperamental by nature. This caused a strain in her parents’ marriage. As a wedge drew between her parents, Ana found solace in fitness. Pouring her energy into working out, focusing on her career. She moved away with her dad following her parent’s divorce, but things didn’t get better.


The same year that Ana Delia moved with her father, he was diagnosed with cancer and passed soon after. Ana started seeing dark days, slipping into depression, She stopped her training. But she did push herself to give a shot at modeling, this is when Miami happened.

The Miami dream was short lived. Two weeks in, she received a call with the news of her brother’s accident. Her brother, who she fondly referred to as ‘twin’ growing up was in a motorbike accident with her brother in law. She got to spend a week with her brother at the hospital, but unfortunately, his body gave in to the injuries and passed away. This was the roughest period in Ana’s life. She started gaining weight and was very close to giving up on her fitness/modeling career.

Ana’s toughest challenge was in front of her. To get out of deep depression, to deal with the deaths of the two closest people in her life and move on to realize her dream as a fitness model. And that is exactly what she did. We are proud of her, as she makes women around the world proud, urging them to stay fit and always stay challenged and accomplished.   


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