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10 Things You Need To Know To Be A Personal Shopper

Personal Shopping

Do you have a flair for putting looks together? Do you know when it’s time for elegant hairstyles and when you need it let down? Does shopping excite you? If the answers to these questions are ‘Yes!’, then being a Personal shopper just might be the profession for you. Don’t be mistaken, this is not about tailing your client from store to store, bargaining or arguing. This is about fitting someone’s personality to appropriate, beautiful looks. The image your client portrays would be completely in your hands.

So snuggle into your stylish clothes as we explore the 10 essentials to being a personal shopper.

    1. Know yourself and your strength: Now it’s true that most clients hire personal shoppers on a continual basis. This could be regular weekends, daily styling, or just on an event basis. There are also clients who look for personal shoppers specifically for shoes, just ties or maybe just business wear. It’s important to know your niche, build a profile and sample portfolio on your specific service offering.
    2. Experience live: The best advice you can get on this subject is from experienced professional shoppers who have been doing this for years. The minute you decide that personal shopping is your profession, you should immediately try to score an internship with an experienced professional shopper to gain the best experience you can.
    3. Study: Your client base may vary vastly. From learning how to dress up someone for prom all the way to maybe even a book reading. Do your homework and learn about body types, color combinations, layers, fabric and time management.
    4. Update yourself: Your number one rule for a career in personal shopping is to always stay updated. Latest styles, trends and what’s available in retail and online. Always stay on top of pricing trends, discounts and upgrades.
    5. Dominate media: Social media is your new best friend. Whether it’s an everyday look on Facebook, selfies with clients on Instagram or tutorials on elegant hairstyles on youtube. Make sure you’re reaching out to people and follow other influencers!
    6. Market yourself: If you are just starting out, you should take up every opportunity to let people know about what you do. Hand out business cards, print fliers, send out emails and attend events. Socializing online is one thing, but meeting new people offline is equally important.
    7. Be prepared for the process: Clients can be tough, but rightfully so. Hiring a personal shopper does have a mainstream process now. Once you start communicating with a client, an interview process will take place. It is important to describe your personal style and opinions at this point. This is also an opportunity for you to show off your skills by giving your potential client some smart suggestions to let them know how you’re going to help them out, if hired. Asking for a portfolio has become a trend these days, it’s a good idea to put one together.
    8. Be a friend: This may be a tough one for those with introverted personalities, but the business really demands it. In most cases, your client is not only looking for a stylist, but also a friendly face to understand him or her as a person. Personality and style always go together which is why it is important to strike a personal chord with your client.
    9. Be ready for irregular income: The personal shopping industry is highly seasonal in its own ways. You may experience hectic periods of work, and months when you may not have a client to work for. You’ll get used to this soon.
    10. Certification, maybe: Many clothing companies offer a coaching service. Private institutions also give out certification that will help you get more jobs. Check online and with retailers to sign up. This is not mandatory but will surely help.




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