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Five Powerful Books By Bad-ass Women!

You read, you learn, you conquer! Five powerful books by five women who have truly set an example for women of all ages, irrespective of where you are, who are you or who you want to be. These hand-picked books have strong voices, urging you to unleash your inner confidence, push harder and claim what’s yours! So curl up and get reading.

1.How To Be A Bawse – by Lilly Singh (aka ||Superwoman||)



Lilly Singh aka Superwoman does not disappoint! Unlike the other self-help books out there, this one takes a powerful, yet comedic stance. Lilly Singh ensures not to just preach success mantras, but makes for a fun read with catchy phrases and pictures, also referring to inspiring instances from her own life. Lilly, who’s been featured in Forbes 30 under 30, has worked her butt off for all the accolades she deserves, encourages you in the most relatable way possible.

It’s also a bestseller on Amazon – Get the book right here – Rs 285 only!

2. 30 Women In Power – by Naina Lal Kidwai


Be prepared to be mind-blown! This book gives you the most honest, personal narratives from 30 of the most successful women in different areas of business taking the world by storm! Success stories? Check. Memoirs of struggle? Check. Teaching you how a woman can balance personal and professional life? Check, check, check. The author, Naina Lal is an absolute business legend and has done a glorifying job in editing this book.

Absolute must read!

Buy it here: Rs 251 only!!

3. In The Land Of Invisible Women: A Female Doctor’s Journey In The Saudi Kingdom – by Qanta A Ahmed.


Vivid, hard hitting truth on racism, shunning and antisemitism. Dr. Ahmed talks about being booted out of the United States, finding herself in a new position in Saudi Arabia only to discover that where she felt like she could belong, she really couldn’t. In a land of invisible women, can she find a voice? Can she find tenderness? Rejection is powerful!

Worth every word! Read it here – Rs 279 (paperback)

4. Lean In – by Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO)


Sheryl S

Take it from Facebook’s COO and one of Fortune Magazine’s most powerful women to help you channel your inner lost ambitions. Sheryl tells you that there’s a difference between having the right of equality and having the confidence to ask for a raise. The book gives the truthful scenario of women’s stand in the business world as of today. How your inner confidence makes a world of a difference.  ‘Lean in’ is a cultural blast that’s been ranked as a best seller across nations! Definitely a favorite.

Get the book now – Rs 344!

5. Yes Means Yes!: Visions Of Female Sexual Power & A World Without Rape – by Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti

Will men ever stop looking at women as conquests? Does it make sense to ditch the concept of “No means no” and adopt “Yes means yes”, instead? The disruptive theory explored in this book talks about female sexuality like never before while talking about the possibility of a rape less world that our children can be a part of.

Buy it here right now! – Rs 526 only, totally worth it.



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