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Education in India Part 1: Lies in our History books

Our history textbooks are quite cruel. For decades, we’ve been told lies, stories extended and weaved over time to make generations believe made up versions of real, brutal events. It starts from the first ever history textbook a school going kid in India picks up, regardless of syllabus or certification.

Past 100,000 years: Biggest lie about how our civilization started

According to our history textbooks, the Indus Valley civilization was one of the first civilizations in India. NOT entirely true. This civilization existed about 5500 years ago, but prior to that, we are told around 100,000 years ago, we see traces of semi-permanent settlements by homo-erectus in Bhimbetka rock shelters (Madhya Pradesh). Some of the rock paintings found there are over 30,000 years old. A little prior to this, we see tools and settlements at Attirampakkam (near Chennai). There are several gaps in between these periods. Any mention of this in our history textbooks? Not at all.

Past 3000 years: When murderous Kings are saints

Most Indian history from the past 3000 years has been destroyed by pillaging and looting. Bad enough that we have missing links in our history that span over thousands of years, the history that is written, is done so by people (courtiers and ministers) who favor the administration (Kings and Rajas). History has always been bloodier and cruel than the present, yet all kings are painted as saints and Gods. These Kings were unjust and power hungry, to the extent of killing parents, children or siblings for the throne (or for power). Very much like our version of Game of Thrones, Kingdoms are built on oppression, wars, conquests, betrayal, propaganda, etc. Most history textbooks barely scratch the surface of the negativity that kingdoms brought, publishing sugar coated versions for a better read.

Past 1000 years: India, more than just the capital city

We know that Ghazi ransacked India 17 times, but the last 1000 years of Indian history we study in school (and the years prior to that), is written from Delhi’s perspective (as the capital), with almost little or no significance to central, East or South Indian history. Even today in our school textbooks, certain things are repressed, while others are glorified depending on the elected Government. There are several missing gaps in Indian history that aren’t in Indian textbooks. Rather, people have worked at giving us an illusion of a full history timeline, denying unknown parts.

We deserve to study the truth. I can’t be crazy to think that massive scale lying or formulating through the formal system of education is a crime. In the next part, we look at more gaps in our history textbooks, how some events were conveniently skipped. Propaganda in the past century from the contribution of the Navy toward the Independence of India to the modernization of the Princely States, a little bit of China, Goa and Indira Gandhi.


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